Membership shall be open to persons worldwide who are interested in furthering the objects of OSHCA and shall consist of anyone who has accepted the premise of OSHCA’s Vision, Mission Statements and Principles by indicating such acceptance via OSHCA’s Internet Registration process. Members’ discussion list is oshca_members at oshca dot org.

file_iconOSHCA Membership Form
OSHCA membership form can be downloaded here..
document_iconTypes of Membership

document_iconMembership Fees
Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and other dues.
file_iconList of Countries by HDI
This is a list of countries based on the UNDP’s 2005 Human Development Index (HDI) which is used as criteria for equitable membership entrance fees for OSHCA membership.
document_iconMembership Payment
OSHCA has established its banking account at Maybank in Kuala Lumpur with the following information. Please check the subscription payable by you by referencing the Membership fees, the list of countries by HDI and the type of membership you have applied for. Ensure that the payment information be sent to the OSHCA Secretariat by e-mail to after you had made payment.
document_iconResignation & Termination
The Constitution provides for some rules on resignation & termination of membership. However, the OSHCA Committee will further qualify these provisions.