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The OSHCA envisages the working together of project developers of FOSS in the healthcare domain, to work towards interoperability by the use of free open standards.

The development of a special license for FOSS health applications is also to be considered.

There are already compiled lists of FOSS healthcare software which are listed below. These lists maybe outdated, and some of the software projects listed may have become inactive. But remember, the source code is available, and therefore FOSS projects never die! Anyone who is capable, is allowed to take over any of these projects and continue developing it. Kindly inform the former author(s) before you do so. Read the FOSS license on which it is developed.

The categories, seen on the left, are kept simple. The following categories are included in CPM.

  1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems
  2. Computer-based Provider Order Entry — CPOE
  3. Clinical Decision Support — CDS
  4. Personal Health Records — PHR

You are welcome to make suggestions to this area of the OSHCA website, through the OSCHA mailing list.

The Spirit Project

Linux Med News List

Minoru Development Corporation