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Aims and Objectives

OSHCA is a non-profit organisation that provides the collaborative platform and forum to promote and facilitate Free/Open Source Software in Health Care. OSHCA’s membership comprises a community of people, civil societies and professional bodies in health care and informatics industries that promotes the Free/Open Source Software Concepts in Health Care. OSHCA helps policy makers, commercial enterprises, and users take advantage of the benefits of Free/Open Source Software.

The formal registration in Malaysia is now completed. OSHCA’s registration number is 1482-06-WKL and the date of its registration is 31 October 2006.

To help define the future of OSHCA as an organisation and to participate in OSHCA activities, join OSHCA as a member and be part of its working groups.

The OSHCA mailing list, together with the Openhealth mailing lists will provide the platform for members as well as IT professionals and members of the public who are interested in health care and open source software to gather and discuss the issues of this field.

OSHCA 2007 Conference Programme and Information

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