Historical Perspectives….

OSHCA provided an active platform for interested individuals to meet during the 1999 – 2003 period with strong support of various organisations. Below are the documentation of such meetings. 2004-2005 saw OSHCA in hybernation. An attempt was made to resurrect OSHCA in late 2005 via discussions on the Openhealth List. This resulted in OSHCA going through the registration process to turn OSHCA into a legal, not-for-profit entity.
Before the discussion of whether the the acronym should be OSHA or OSHCA between Joseph DalMolin and Tim Cook there was a meeting sponsored by Brian Bray in a Toronto hotel in November 1999. This is the photo from that meeting. The attendees were (backrow left to right) Irv Buchbinder, David Chan, Tim Cook, Dave Scott (frontrow left to right) Joseph DalMolin, Brian Bray (holding Dijon), John Gage. Not pictured because he was taking the photo is Jeff Buchbinder. The meeting was dubbed the Toronto Open Source Healthcare Summit. It led to many collaborations and eventually to what we now know as OSHCA.
OSHCA’s Old Website
OSHCA’s previous web-site was hosted by Minoru Corporation. Since end of 2002, the web-site had not been updated. As a result no information of the announcement and conduct of the 4th OSHCA Annual Meeting in Geneva in December 2003 could be made. OSHCA.org could not be updated and a new domain OSHCA.net was acquired. Steps were taken to host oshca.net on members’ servers. Uncertainties and hosting and updating problems cause disruption to the functionality of OSHCA itself. Failure to register OSHCA between 2003-2005 contributed to its hibernation.
 OSHCA 2001 Annual Meeting
This folder contains the document related to the OSHCA Meeting in London in 2001.
OSHCA2002 Annual Meeting
This folder contains the Dynamic and Agenda at a Glance that were finalised during the course of the Conference but which were never uploaded to the OSHCA web site at that time.
 OSHCA2003 Annual Meeting
This folder contains documents related to the OSHCA2003 Annual Meeting in Geneva 2003, including OSHCA’s presentation slides at the CERN Booth during the WSIS (Phase 1) and ICT4D platform.
 document_iconOSHCA’s Previous I-Board
This was the line-up of OSHCA’s original interim board members.
 OSHCA’s Old Logos
This folder contains OSHCA’s original logo which was used in its web-site hosted at Minoru Corporation. Another logo was developed and used in the temporary web-site when the 4th OSHCA Annual Meeting was organised.