FOSS Health Applications

This document is a brief list of applications in healthcare that are working using Free Open Source Software (FOSS). It includes other open source applications that maybe useful, as well as links to resources of information.

Open Source Healthcare Applications List

A more detailed description of the applications

The inclusion criteria are as follows:

  1. It is designated an open source application and has its latest version with code released as open source.
  2. Has an open source license that is listed in the OSI website (minor modifications to OSI-approved licenses which are required to adapt them to local laws are acceptable)
  3. In the case that there is a parallel closed source version of the software, there must not be a lag between the released code of the two versions more than 18 months.

Hospital Management Information System/ EMR

  • World VistAThis is the open source version of VistA, the US based HIMS that is one of the most comprehensive. It is based on MUMPS and the open source version of it GT.M. VistA is in the Public Domain but has proprietary applications that work with it.
  • Care2x
  • Hospital OS

Clinical Practice Management

Public Health/Epidemiology/Humanitarian

  • NetEpi Based on EpiInfo
  • Sahana – Disaster Management System

Medical Research

Medical Imaging

  • OsiriX – DICOM viewer for MacOSX
  • CD Medics PACS web
  • dcm4che
  • ImageServer
  • The Visualization Toolkit (VTK)
  • Raynux

Journals and other information resources

Open Standards