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My Canadian Pharmacy has been specializing in selling the high quality generics for different health conditions worldwide. Over years, we have gained an extensive client base, improved delivery and payment processes, enriched the assortment. All our products comply with international quality standards and are certified accordingly. Be sure that your body does not distinguish the original drug from its exact, molecule to molecule, Indian analog.

We offer you the most “functional” generic drugs from proven manufacturers. The assortment offered by us is able to satisfy any possibilities and needs. We are ready to help each buyer to navigate the variety of drug positions, suggest the best ways to apply a particular drug and consult on payment and delivery issues.

My Canadian Pharmacy – drugs to increase potency

In our online pharmacy you can buy cheap and effective medicines to enhance potency and treat erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is currently a common male problem of men, characterized by the inability to achieve an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. There are many reasons and risk factors for erectile dysfunction: a sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, stress and so on.

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, can be treated in most age groups. Treatment may include: drug therapy, vacuum devices, psychotherapy, surgery or medications.

Drugs for increasing potency: PDE-5 inhibitors

The safest and most effective drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment belong to the group PDE-5 inhibitors: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Avana, Kamagra. Using these medicines will allow you to strengthen your potency, prolong sexual act and regain self-confidence.

In My Canadian Pharmacy, you can order these effective means to increase potency which will help you in any situation.

Generics or branded medicines?

Generic is a product that has the same active ingredient, mechanism of action and efficiency as the branded drug. Generic drugs are manufactured with the same technology as the original drugs, but by other manufacturers.

Are there any differences between branded medicines and generics?

Yes, generic medicines may differ from branded ones: form, packaging, shelf life, labeling. However, the International Drug Control Agency (FDA) requires that all medicines, both proprietary and generic, meet the same quality requirements.

Why are generic drugs from My Canadian Pharmacy so cheap?

Manufacturers of medicines have all the legal rights (patent) in the development of a new medicine. Millions are spent on development, testing, certification. In order to recover these costs, prices for branded medicines remain very high. Manufacturers of generics do not have multi-million dollar costs. Their task is to confirm the identity of the generics they produce and continue to produce them according to the finished technology.

My Canadian Pharmacy bestsellers

My Canadian Pharmacy drugs

Generic Viagra

Viagra (Sildenafil) is a drug which name is well-known to every man and associated with an extraordinary male power which can conquer any woman.

Viagra tablet will help you get the natural reaction as a response to sexual arousal and keep it for a long time. You will feel an unprecedented amount of strength and energy, and your partner will not be able to say “no”!

Generic Viagra has a very high efficiency and is recognized by men around the world. When you buy Viagra – you buy health!

  • Strong erection as a response to sexual arousal;
  • Prolonged duration and number of sexual acts;
  • Erection at an instant;
  • Ability to change postures during sex;
  • Real enjoyment from sex.

Generic Levitra

If you are looking for an effective and safe drug for impotence treatment or you want to improve erection – choose generic Levitra (Vardenafil) from My Canadian Pharmacy! The most modern technologies were used to create this medicine. This drug will help you solve the problem of inability to perform sexual intercourse or insufficient hardness of the penis.

Taking just one Levitra tablet, you feel intensified sexual sensations, increase the sensitivity of the penis and flow of blood to it, which will make your erection strong. Impotence – now it’s not about you!

  • The action of Levitra begins within 10-15 minutes after application;
  • Very rare side effects and the lowest period of excretion from the body;
  • The drug lasts 8-12 hours;
  • Efficacy from the very first pill intake;
  • Quality action, regardless of food and alcohol intake.

Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) from My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most popular drugs which helps men conquer impotence or weak erection. The effect lasts 2-3 times longer than that of generic Viagra.

Cialis works on the same principle, increasing blood circulation and flow of blood to the penis. But its main advantage is its time of operating – man can develop several stable erections during 36 hours after taking the medicine. This is very convenient, because you can drink a tablet in the morning, do your business and be ready for sex in the evening. As well as Viagra and Levitra, Cialis will become active only with your sexual arousal.

  • Effective for 36 hours!
  • Alcohol does not affect the quality of the drug;
  • Stable erection during the whole sexual act;
  • The effect begins 20 minutes after taking the pill.

Why My Canadian Pharmacy?

The key advantage of our store over a usual pharmacy is lower prices, regular discounts and special offers.

The rule of our pharmacy is the complete confidentiality of information about customers and their purchases. It is clear that not everyone wants to “shine” his name in such delicate things as drugs for the treatment of erectile disorders. We guarantee that our parcels do not contain any information about the order, thus ensuring 100% confidentiality. All customer data is securely stored on secure servers.

An important advantage of buying goods in My Canadian Pharmacy is the lack of direct contact with the pharmacist, which is especially important for men. It’s no secret that men have always been shy to admit their insolvency: this is their nature. When you purchase the product in a remote online pharmacy, you receive the package with the drug by courier, in the place that you choose, which excludes the need to visit a stationary pharmacy.

Customer Support Service

We draw your attention to the fact that My Canadian Pharmacy is an online store, that is, purchase is being done directly through the Internet site with the help of a team of managers and couriers.

To accelerate the processing of customer requests, as well as to control the quality of their processing, our online pharmacy uses a feedback system. You can ask any question about the drugs presented in our online catalog by filling out the form fields, and our managers will answer you in the shortest possible time.